Solar Panel

“Euro Solar Panel” is a brand name and a registered trade mark of our solar panel products.However, the manufacturing location of “Euro Solar Panel” products will be changing in the near future. Euro Solar Panel is proud to announce that it will be commencing the manufacture of solar panels all over india. We will keep you updated about developments.

  • Manufacturer of 3 to 300 watt Poly/Mono crystalline panels.(A Grade Solar Cells)
  • Useful for On and Off Grid
  • 90%  Performance warranty for 12 year and 80% performance warranty for 30 years
  • According to MNRE specifications.

High Module Conversion Efficiency

Module efficiency up to 16.0% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.

Self Cleaning & anti Reflecting

Higher module efficiency from anti-reflective, hydrophobic layer with higher light absorption and minimal surface dust.

Positive Tolerance

Guaranteed positive tolerance of up to 5% or up to 13W delivers higher outputs’ reliably.

Easy Installation

Low weight, convenient format Horizontal and vertical installation possible Optimal utilisation of the roof surface.

Independently Certified

Independently certified by International and German certification bodies.

High Performance

High performance under low light conditions Cloudy days, mornings and evenings.

Group Of Companies
Cost Effective
Energy Saver
Eco Friendly
Non Pollutive
Source of Energy