All In One (Integrated) – Solar LED Street Light

All in one (Integrated) – Solar Street Light

All in one integrated solar LED street lights are becoming very popular in India to illuminate the streets due to its compact design and integrated features.

The bulky conventional street lights are getting replaced by the fancy street lights with advanced features like motion sensors and specific spot lighting features. Integrated All In-One solar LED street light produces its own power and uses lowest power consumption technology.


-Integrated solar panel, LED light, PIR motion sensor, Li-ion battery and high efficiency solar charge controller.

-Integrated solar street light design ensures protection from battery theft.

-No requirement of connecting wires or trenching.

-PIR sensor adjusts LED brightness on sensing motion (10m range.)

-LEDs dim to 1/3 intensity after 30 second. of detecting no motion.

-Automatic dusk to dawn operation & solar panel dirty indication.

-Microcontroller based design enables intelligent and efficient working.

-Lithium-ion battery technology provides longer product life and is completely maintenance free.

-GREEN & RED LEDs for indicating battery charging / fault.


Detects movement within several meters of the unit and automatically regulates the output of the led lamp from a ‘dim mode’ to ‘full-brightness’ depending upon whether motion is detected.


Euro Premium Solar uses new-generation lithium life 04 batteries which offers 3 times more storage and power capacity versus conventional lead acid batteries.

Our updated design utilizes a new CNC production technique and is fabricated from aluminum extrusion which significantly improves led thermal heat dissipation by up to 115%, this in turn improves the longevity of the led’s promising more long term system reliability.

Non Pressurised

Normally non pressurised systems are working up to 0.8 Kg / Cm2 , The storage tank is placed at a certain height relative to the top of the collector to prevent the reverse circulation during off-sun shine hours. In this system, hot  water storage tank can be under normal pressure of cold water overhead tank so gravitational force of overhead cold water tank comes to bottom of  hot water tank at normal pressure ( non pressurized), hot water comes out from top of hot water solar tank and release at the end of tap as a regular.


Normally non pressurised systems are working upto 0.8 Kg./cm2. Now a days modern bathrooms are equipped with shower panels which require higher pressure for taking bath. In these cases the systems change to pressurised systems which can work upto 4 to 5 Kg./cm2 genereated by pressure pump. Such types of systems are also useful for commercial and industrial use where number of used points are more.

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