Solar Water Heater FPC Type

Normally non pressurised systems are working up to 0.8 Kg / Cm2 , The storage tank is placed at a certain height relative to the top of the collector to prevent the reverse circulation during off-sun shine hours. In this system, hot water storage tank can be under normal pressure of cold water overhead tank so gravitational force of overhead cold water tank comes to bottom of hot water tank at normal pressure ( non pressurized), hot water comes out from top of hot water solar tank and release at the end of tap as a regular.



Overall size**

2030 mm x 1090 mm x 95 mm

No. of fins per collector


Absorber area

2.06 sq. M

Absorber coating

Eurosolar Solar selective coating on copper (black chrome on copper with or without nickel undercoat)


0.92 – 0.96


0.10 - 0.15

Temperature tolerance of coating

More than 200 deg. C

Absorber sheet (Copper)

0.12 mm thick x 1900mm L x 115mm W

Riser (Copper tube)

O. D. 12.7mm x 0.5 mm thick x 1922mm L

Bonding between riser tube and absorber

Ultrasonic welding

Bonding between riser tube and header

Copper brazing

Riser tube protrusion inside header

Max. 3 mm

Hydraulic Test pressure

5 Kg/ sq. cm.

Rated pressure

2.5 Kg/ sq. cm.

End connections

Brass flared Flanges

Collector box

Specially Extruded Aluminum sections

Box Corner joints

G. I. screws

Box-back sheet joint

Pop riveted

Back sheet

Aluminum sheet 0.45 mm thick


Aluminum foil 0.02/ 0.05 mm thick


Toughened & Tempered glass 4 mm thick - free from bubbles and scratches


> 0. 82


Silicone sealant

Back Insulation

Resin bonded Rockwool 50 mm thick. 

R=1.67 sq. M deg. C/ W

K = 0.052W/sq. M. k

Side insulation

Resin bonded Rockwool 25 mm thick

Grommets & gaskets

EPDM rubber

Thermal performance

FRUL =< 6 W/ sq. M deg. C 

FR ( T& ) >= 0.65


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Cost Effective
Energy Saver
Eco Friendly
Non Pollutive
Source of Energy