Euro Premium Solar Pumping system

Euro Premium Solar Pumping system

 The solar water pumping system is a stand-alone system operating directly on power generated by solar photo voltaic modules during the daytime. Various types of solar pumps are used for lifting water from tube well, shallow well, ponds, canals for either drinking water in villages or mainly for irrigation purpose. The system is designed in such a way that it can also work with the existing utility power to have more hours of operation for the solar pump.


The System Include:

·            Solar photo voltaic module.

·            Solar VFD controller.

·            Special design pump & motor set.

·            Mounting stand.

·            Other electrical accessories.


Benefits of Solar Water Pumps:

·            One time investment.

·            No inflation burden.

·            Zero running costs & long life.

·            Independent operation.

·            Zero noise & environment friendly.

·            Solar water pumps are stand alone systems and does not required any grid, batteries, or fuel.

Special Features for EURO PREMIUM SOLAR make:

·            High efficiency solar module (MNRE Approved.)

·            Special design low maintenance pump & motor.

·            Easy to install and operate mechanism.

·            Built in MPPT controller a powerful all-in-one solution.

·            Stand alone system.

·            System ratings 3HP to 25HP (AC Pump.)


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